More work on Sparse Matrices

Hi All,

During this week I completed more functionalities regarding to CSR Matrices. I mainly implemented a generalized binary operation between two matrices. It’s similar to the SciPy function csr_binop_csr_canonical. This method applies a given binary function, binop to each corresponding elements of the two matrices which are given as input arguments, i.e. (i, j)^{th} entry of the output matrix is equal to binop(a, b) where a and b are the (i, j)^{th} entries of input matrices respectively.

Also, I implemented get(), set() methods for CSRMatrix class. It took me while to get this completely right as I was discarding some of the possible cases.

I originally planned to start writing python wrappers but I couldn’t do it as I was a bit busy with a project in my university. But I hope to get started on this in upcoming week. Although the GSoC is officially over, I will work on the project for two additional weeks as I took a two weeks break during the programme.


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