Sparse Matrices

Hi All,

I am writing a blog post for GSoC after three weeks. I couldn’t work on the project for two weeks as I participated in a competition. However I am back again and started working again. Now, I am mainly concerned about finishing my work with Sparse Matrices. Then we can write some wrappers and do some benchmarks.

We decided to use SciPy’s sparse matrices code and I have ported most of the important functionalities. I created a CSRMatrix class and created a method to create a CSRMatrix from a normal COO matrix. I ported the methods for testing the canonical form and sparse matrix multiplication.  Also, I implemented three methods mainly to be used in extracting diagonal elements and scaling.

I am going to implement binary operations with CSR matrices during the coming week and also want to get started with writing wrappers so we can use the Matrix classes from python and SymPy.


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