[GSoC] Linear Algebra Module for CSymPy

Hi All,

This summer, as my GSoC project, I will be working on a Linear Algebra Module for CSymPy which is hoped to be used along with SymPy after the completion. I am going to mainly focus on Matrices and associated algorithms. This is my second GSoC project. I did my first project last summer with SymPy and I am really excited to work with the SymPy community again.

CSymPy is a fast core written in C++ for SymPy. It was started by Ondrej and try to address some performance critical applications where python is rather slow.  Linear algebra and related algorithms are performance critical as we have to deal with large matrices. So writing them in C++ will make them faster and these fast algorithms can be used in SymPy via python wrappers. You can find more about CSymPy by visiting the project page in github.

Apart from focusing on performance, I like to pay special attention to symbolic matrices and their manipulations. My aim is to make CSymPy the fastest library available for symbolic mathematics. There are a few challenges we need to overcome, especially avoiding intermediate expression swelling.

I created a PR with the basic structure for the Matrices. Please have a look. I would love to hear what you have to say.


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