Monthly Archives: August, 2013

Status of the Diophantine Module

Hi All, I am really pleased to say that my work (proposed) with Diophantine equation is coming to an end. I have implemented all the deliverables in my project report. When the current PR gets merged into the master, I can start pushing the rest of my work. I also hope to improve the documentation …

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Improving the solving process using Cornacchia

Hi All, It has been sometime since I last wrote about my project.  I spent most of my time improving the solving methods used in binary quadratic forms. I also did a fair bit of refactoring of the earlier work and bug fixing. The implementation of ternary quadratic forms is now almost done and once …

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Holzer reduction and some modifications

Hi All, This week I managed to implement Holzer’s reduction and change the behaviour of DE module a little bit.  First let’s take a look at Holzer’s reduction. Holzer Reduction Holzer reduction is concerned with reducing solutions of the quadratic ternary nonrmal equation . The Holzer’s theorem says that if the above equation is solvable …

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